Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Christmas Pageant Ever...

We had the honor of watching Emma participate in her MDO Christmas Pageant on Thursday night where the Pre K students recounted the story of the Nativity of Jesus.  Our sweet girl was chosen to be a Sheep and she did it with the biggest smile on her sweet little face.

We arrived and her teachers took her sassy little headband off, swooshed back her curled hair and smushed those sheep ears on her head.  So much for the time we spent in front of the mirror getting her ready.  Emma was so funny when they did this, she looked up at me like are you okay with this Mommy?  I just chuckled and said, "You look great Emma" but I knew what she was thinking.

These kiddos worked so hard on this little pageant and all the music that went along with it.  Emma was glowing as she was standing in the church foyer waiting her turn to lead those Shepherds down the aisle.

The closer she got to me she became more giddy and I had to put my Mommy Principal face on, while snapping to encourage her to keep moving.  I think she wanted to stop and hug us all, it was super cute.

Sweet Hannah Claire was Mary and she was the perfect little Mary.  Emma, Gracie and Hannah Claire have all been the best of friends since they were 18 months old at MDO.  It is so funny because every time I see their Mommy's these days we all tear up thinking about them going their separate ways in May.

Little Gracie was a candle that lit the way for Mary on that special day.  We love this sweet girl and her Mommy, who happens to be our dental hygienist.

Emma struggled with those ears a couple times, but she kept on singing.  Mrs. Becky told us after the program that Emma is quite the little singer and loves to sing loudly on stage, I am certain her Pawpaw was smiling down from Heaven that night.

This was the best picture I could get of the entire pageant, because I moved so close to the front and squatted down on the floor by another family.  All of these sweet babies did a great job and once again, the teachers we are blessed with went beyond our expectations.

Emma, you were the cutest little sheep in the fields baby girl and your love for Jesus in the manger melts my heart every time you talk about him.

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