Thursday, December 15, 2011

Four and a Half!

Oh sweet girl of mine, you are growing up way too fast for me.  This morning you told me that you still wish you were a tiny baby and secretly I do too! 

As girly as you might be, you still love to search and rescue every little insect you can find.  Today you made friends with a grub worm and a rolly polly (we called them doodle bugs in my day).  I am thinking the grub worm is somewhere in the house because you put him down and never went back to find him. You also boldy walked up to family that was walking their full grown boxers and let the dogs lick you all over the face as if you had known them forever.  I can't help but wonder if you will chase my childhood dream of being a veterinarian or if you will, "just be a Mommy" (that is your declared occupation at the time).  Whatever it is, I know you will do it with a smile and be a success.

Emma Caroline, you are AMAZING.  You are the sweetest little girl I know and everyday you brighten by day more and more.  Tonight you told me that if I got in bed with you that you would  "kiss my face 38 times".   Thank you so much for loving me and making me feel like the best Mommy in the entire universe.

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Kim W. said...

Oh, yes, friend...they are growing way too fast. And as you know, I feel like I lost 2 years...because all of a sudden, my "baby" is two, ya know? Anyhow, they are just growing up before our eyes, and I, too, wish they were still babies, at least for a little while, ya know? Anyhow, she sure is a super cute 4 1/2 year old!