Saturday, May 26, 2012

Water Day 2012

Yesterday was water day for Emma at MDO and she was super excited.  Yes, she has a Tinkerbell bathing suit because she is crazy about Disney, just like her Daddy (it comes naturally).  She tried to wear this to swim team practice one day, but I let her know that Coach John would have probably belly laughed if she showed up in this.  Reminded me of the time she wore her PINK tutu to Soccer practice. 

Gavin's water day was last week and we did not get a picture because it was 100% chance of rain and Mommy did not even send his stuff or dress him in a swimsuit.   No matter how many black clouds were in the sky, the rain held out for the little ones to enjoy their water day.  Thankful that our Nanny, Mrs. Deidre was able to take Gavin a swimsuit and rash guard so he did not have to miss out.  Sorry buddy, but Mommy was unprepared and did not get your picture.  You are overdue for some blogtime and I am going to give it to you soon ~ I love you little man!

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