Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Not-so" Soccer Mom

With only 2 more weeks left of Soccer I thought it would only be fitting to give you the TRUE confessions of a "not-so" Soccer Mom.  The pictures are not so great, but the story is one I never want to forget. 

Yesterday officially marked soccer game #7 of the season for Gavin with only 2 left to go, thank you Jesus.  Just so happens that Daddy was away at a legendary golf game where he got to see the greats of golf play their last game together.  Convienently the Frazier Four were responsible for snacks, so I had to lug 2 kiddos, 3 chairs, an umbrella, ice chest and bag of snacks out to the field alone.  It was a huge accomplishment when we finally made it.

Gavin brought his firetruck book in the car and then toted it out to the field.  When it was time to start playing and coach called Gavin to the field, he denied his request to report to help his soccer buddies out.  He sat on the sideline yelling, "Coach, I just need to read.  I am reading my book."  I allowed him to sit thinking he would join his team eventually. 

It was one of those days that I had to pick my battles because this little toot got up at 4 in the morning requesting to see his apple tree.  The kids ate an apple the night before and decided to plant the seeds in the backyard.  Gavin must have dreamed about the apple tree because he got up bright and early requesting to see it, really kid?????

There were a couple times he went out to the field with his book under his arm and kicked the ball around a couple times while running up and down the field.

I finally reached my limit with him and decided it was time that regardless of the fit he threw, I needed to get the book away from him.  The decision came after he opened it up in the middle of the soccer game and started reading it to some other little boys.  Since Daddy was not with us, I made Emma stay on the sidelines while I went in for "operation take the book away".  I got to the middle of the field, leaned down really close to Gavin in my I mean business voice and said, "the cops are coming and you are not allowed to have the book on the field, so give it to me now!"  Yes, it was a big fat lie but it was all I could think of to keep the 3 year old, no nap, woke up at 4 to see the apple tree boy from having a complete melt down.  

Did I mention that we play Soccer in an area of town where everyone at the field thinks they are better than the person sitting right next to them?  Yes, I am serious!  So I was praying that all of THEM would not have to witness Gavin in rare form.

Oh geez, I am ready for Soccer to be over.  I decided after the third game that 3 years and 1 week old is far too young to play an organized sport. Gavin is the only 3 year old on his team and keep in mind he just turned 3 last month.  However, I NEVER want my kids to think it is okay to QUIT at anything we start in life, so we have continued to go to the games week after week.  That little life lesson has caused all of us to endure a little bit of torture week after week in the heat.

Gavin would rather read a book, pick flowers, chase the birds, lay down on the field and watch the ants.   Out of 30 minutes of game time he gets in about 10 minutes each week and it is rather interesting to watch how he utilizes that time.

Oh Gavin, you have given us so many reasons to laugh these past 8 weeks at the Soccer field and while we are looking forward to your first season coming to an end, we will miss cheering you on week after week.

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