Monday, May 28, 2012

My cousins = my Best Friends

There are little CARNES cousins running around everywhere, TWELVE little smiling faces to adore, TWO living with sweet Jesus and THREE on the way.  One of the things that makes me so happy about my family-by-choice is that Emma and Gavin have so many wonderful cousins to love. 

My sweet boy jumped out of his bed ready to head to the Carne's Oasis for our yearly Memorial Day celebration that is always big fun for everyone.  He looks so big in this picture and I loved his swim trunks that said, "Board Meeting" across the hiney.

Oh Maddox, you are a cutie and then some.  You have gotten so big smily  boy and we can not wait until you can splash around with the rest of them next year.

Camryn, Peyton and Emma Lou stayed in the pool all day long and had a blast.  I was so excited they got to spend time together before Peyton heads back to Colorado to welcome baby Preston that will be arriving in July.

The newest edition, Rylan Thomas.   He was not able to get in the water, but he got to enjoy his first Carne's Pool party.  Don't worry buddy, there are THREE more little boys on the way to join you.

Gavin wants to be one of the BIG boys like Kaiden and Hunter, nothing he loves more than laughing with these guys and following behind them.

Kaiden was so excited when it was time to make Smores.  He was my big helper and carried everything over the bridge and to the fire pit.

One of my favorite little girls ever, Camryn Nicole (my niece).  This one and Emma are the best of buds and always get along perfectly.

Now if you asked Emma who one of her favorite people in the world were, she would tell you HUDSON.  Something about those two, they have a special relationship and love, love, love one another.  Hudson is a swimmer this summer and we are so proud of him.

Sweet Peyton, not sure if we could ever get enough of you girl.  You are the cutest little thing ever and are one of the best swimmers I have ever laid eyes on.  We are so excited to meet your little brother who is coming soon.  I have convinced Peyton to call me, "Princess Laura" and I love to hear her say it, she is a lover of all things Disney too.  These kiddos were all born into the right family, no doubt.

The only picture I got of our precious twins all day, Chance and Brynlee.  These two littles are only 1 week younger than Gavin.

Hunter, you make me smile boy and my kids think you are the bomb.  Not sure how I did not get a picture of sweet Jackson, but somehow I missed him that day (rest assured, he is as cute as the rest of them).

Now if that does not SCREAM fun for a day, I do not know what does.  To spend 10 hours straight in the water with 12 little Carnes kicking and a splashing is our idea of a great Memorial day.  I am so grateful for everyone of these kiddos and looking forward to the 3 on the way.

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