Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Little & So Much Love

We celebrated our last Valentine's Day as a family of 3. It was pretty laid back, but it was fun. No fancy meals, no reservations, no lavish gifts... just a simple day. We actually went to a little neighborhood Mexican Restaurant called LaVilla where the bill totaled $18.00, exchanged cards and gave the "Itty Bitty" the new Space Buddies movie (which we have watched about 4 times already). Simple and sweet just the way I like it!

Our littlest Valentine...oh she is so sweet! Notice, she has a dog-dog in her arms.

Opening her new Space Buddies movie...and yes it is about dogs. She will not watch any other movies, but the ones about the Buddies. We are excited, they will be releasing another new one in time for Christmas.

Here she is reading her dog-dog book that one of her little friends gave her for Valentines Day. Her latest thing she walks around saying is "I love it, I love it"...oh I wish she could stay this small forever. I am enjoying this age so much.


monelle said...

Laura - Gavin is gonna be here sooooon!

Emma looks so cute in her red silky gown. Love those gowns!

MiMi said...

LOVE the pictures of Emma in her nightie! I especially love the little bare feet! She is so darling!