Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So much to do, so little time!

Oh, if you could just see my list of things to do...it is crazy and enough to stress out anyone, not to mention a lady who is 28 days away from having a baby. Bottom line is...it will get done and Gavin will be born on March 5th and that will be a very special day for all of us.

Pre registered, set up to donate Cord Blood, have appointment made with new Pediatrician, ordered a baby book, had some Thank you cards made with Gavin's monogram, got curtains to lady making them, scheduled for crown molding to be hung, ordered last minute stuff for room, had to get Emma a big sister shirt and Gavin a little brother shirt (thank you Aunt Stacey for your help), have stuff ready for photographer when Gavin is born, need to pack and the list just goes on and on. Not to mention, need to finish the nursery, move Emma into her big girl bed, charge the cameras and video recorder...oh my, I am freaking out as I type.
Perhaps I should reconsider working up until 3:30 on March 4th and going in to have a C-Section the next morning or I should just get a blue cape with a BIG S on it...would that stand for Super-Mommy or Stupid? Just kidding, please don't answer.

My husband just keeps telling me, we will get it all done... we will get it all done. When & How?

Not to mention, I am trying to pour all my attention and love into the "Itty Bitty" so this is a smooth and wonderful transition for her as well.

Okay, I need to stop and just stay organized...my issues are little in the grand scheme of things...it is all going to be okay...perhaps not PERFECT, but okay.

Little update on the room.......

Stripes are complete, the rest of the room will be blue and the crown molding is scheduled to be hung this week. I should have 90% complete Nursery pictures posted Sunday evening.

By the way... not sure if you have been missing me, but my computer crashed and it is time to buy a new one. However, I am not wanting to spend the money right now to purchase a new one. I know all my friends are excited to hear that the 8 year old Compaq will be out the door soon. Please pray that all my pictures are able to be retrieved off the hard drive. We have ordered a cable to do that, so wish the HOTY luck.

All in all... we are good. Very excited about welcoming this little BOY into our family. I can not wait to share pictures of him with all of you.


Newlywed Next Door said...

WOW -- that paint job is amazing!

Danielle said...

Wow...AMAZING stripes. HUGE kudos to Hoty. How special for Gavin to know that daddy worked LONG and HARD. Can't wait to see the finished room. Getting so anxious to meet sweet baby Gavin. Relax, don't stress, everything will get done.

Lianna Knight said...

The room looks so adorable!! I can't wait to see the finished product. And I agree with the HOTY...you WILL get it all done, no worries!

Hollye said...

Laura honey....don't sweat the small stuff. No matter what you do or don't get done, he's going to be here and he isn't going to notice the different if his curtains aren't hung the day he gets home from the hospital. STOP. SLOW DOwN! ENJOY! And your husband did an amazing job with the paint job. I'm going to have to show that to my husband. Maybe that will challenge him to do something like that in K's playroom.

Harris Family said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!!!!! I started freaking out about two weeks ago! Oh my goodness. I feel like I am never going to get everything done. But you what, the babies will come and will be so loved even if their rooms are not completely finished and organized! I think we are a lot alike...we like everything to be perfect...every single detail! Girl, I be pray'n! The walls look amazing!

MiMi said...

WOW! The nursery walls look amazing! Hubby did a great job and I can't wait to see the finished nursery!

You just need to slow down and take a deep breath. Everything will get done--you'll see. And you know what, if something doesn't get done, it will be OK, too!

I wish I lived closer to you because I would love to help you!

Prayers and hugs coming your way!

Katie said...

WHOA! Okay, as you spouted out that giant list, I'm thinking...Oh my word...I have to do all that! On top of everything else I am wanting to get done! Phew!!! I was in the midst of renovating two bathrooms (completely gutting both rooms) when Amelia came. WHAT in the world was I THINKING?!?! So I HAVE to have a more peaceful time this go-around. I want everything done and in place when the baby comes. So, I feel your desperation!! I can't wait to see the nursery all finished up! :o)

Leah said...

The striped wall is awesome! Curtis did a fantastic job! I can't wait to see the pictures on Sunday. Try to relax and stay calm about your list. Listen to your HOTY and enjoy Miss Emma time. Gavin is one lucky little boy!

TJLoop85 said...

The nursery looks like it is coming together really well.

Now the only thing left to do is install the crown molding!!! (whoo-hoo) That is very exciting. Hopefully your little one will like the room as much as you do!

Good luck with the room and baby.

AKat said...

Hi!! I am due about a month after you with a baby boy, too; I saw you on Kelly's blog roll. I love the stripes in the nursery! I also saw you linked to the Wims, too. They are such a sweet family and need some prayers!

Holly said...

Those stripes are awesome! They look seriously cool!