Monday, August 3, 2009

5 Months of being BOY Crazy!

Brace yourself for the cuteness you are about to see. Oh, he has got to be one of the yummiest little things I have EVER laid my eyes upon. First of all...what? Is he really 5 months old? Surely that much time has not already gone by. U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!! It is so true and hard to even fathom how fast the time is going by. Seems like yesterday that we were planning for his arrival.

Seriously, this guy is the happiest little thing we have ever seen and this is how he is ALL the time. So sweet, so cute, so laid back, so lovey and so squishy too. You just can't ever get enough of hugging and kissing all over him. Just wait, it gets better.

I mean look at those hands, legs, ankles, cheeks, toes, fingers and feet. This was his 1st time in the swing and he loved it. Good thing we bought 2 of these little bucket seats with our Rainbow, because Emma was not really into him being in her swing.

Okay, so if you were not smiling yet...surely you are after this one. Seriously, what did I do to deserve this handsome little fella? I am so smitten, I can not even think straight sometimes. My heart could just EXPLODE when I look at him.

He reminds me so much of my Daddy in several of these. I would have given anything if my Daddy could have just seen this Big Boy on this side of HEAVEN. He would have been so proud!

This one right, watch out! He looks so tough to me, but he is really just a big ole Mama's Boy. I think the NFL might be calling to draft him soon. Nope, he is all mine and he is not going anywhere. Even when he does get bigger.

Many things have changed between month 4 & 5 and you like/love:
  • Blowing raspberries like crazy
  • Rolling over from your back to your stomach (both ways)
  • Sleeping on your stomach at all times because you choose to rollover every time we put you down
  • Wearing size 4 diapers, but after this box you are going to size 5 (that is what size your 2 year old sister wears)
  • Weighed 20lbs 12oz. , 26 inches long, 17 3/4 inch head (2 weeks ago)
  • Wear size 12-18 month clothes
  • Size 0-6 month Pedi Peds
  • Nursing exclusively & taking 5 ounce bottles (pumped milk)
  • Pull Mommy's hair every chance you get
  • Almost grown out of your infant seat
  • Going to physical therapy 2 days a week for Torticollis and Plagiocephaly
  • Started sleeping in your crib in your room and you love it
  • Sleep from about 8:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.
  • Usually always wear a baseball cap
  • Slobbering out of control, we think you will be getting a tooth very soon
  • Love to watch your Big Sister's every move
  • Went on your first vacation
  • Tasted water for the 1st time
  • Reaching for and holding onto toys for extended periods of time
  • Attempting to hold your own bottle
  • Love for Mommy to sing to you
  • Taking baths, you kick your legs so hard when it is time
  • Think your Daddy is so funny
  • Follow our dog Beamer with your eyes all the time
  • Like to watch TV, but we do not allow you to do much of it
  • Love to ride in the stroller
  • Enjoy hanging out in the pool as long as you are in Mommy's arms
  • Put everything in your mouth
  • Try to suck your thumb or fingers every chance you get

You have recently been diagnosed with a couple of little issues that we are working so hard to resolve and make sure that you get the proper care that you need. We are committed to taking you to therapy, doing therapy with you at home, taking you to Doctors & Specialist to get several different opinions, praying for you and over you and doing whatever we have to do to make sure that you are healthy.

You are working so hard in physical therapy and at home and have already improved the tilt of your head from 20 degrees to 6 degrees. We are so PROUD of you.

Oh Gavin, we love you so much and can never imagine life without you. You give us a new reason to smile, laugh, cry and love every single day. God knew exactly what he was doing when he made you and we will forever be grateful. You are simply AMAZING, Son. I don't know that we could ever put into words EXACTLY what you mean to us, but you are so SPECIAL.


Melissa said...

I am loving the close up with the baseball hat. He just melts my heart! What a precious little man. I absolutely believe that he could be drafted to the NFL tomorrow. But I agree, Chance is staying home with Mommy forever as well. ;0) He is growing so fast. Cannot believe they are all 5 months old this month.

Jessica said...


Your comment brought such a smile to my heart. Thank you for your kind words. You are truly a woman of faith and it is so easy to see and hear the love of Christ in your narratives of your family!

Your baby boy is sure growing up in a hurry! Can you just imagine the love Christ has for us knowing how much we ourselves love our baby boys? It is uncomprehendable! My favorite picture is him in the swing, making a "mad" face! Ha!

Have a blessed week, Laura!

Jessica and Harbor : )