Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For documentation purposes...

We have a tooth! Our little man's FIRST tooth broke through the skin last night and his Daddy found it this morning. So yes sir, we got his FIRST tooth at 5 months and 1 day old. So many reasons to celebrate. Hopefully, I can get a few pictures of it soon.

Oh, that's not all...at therapy today...his head/neck were remeasured and his neck tilt is only at 4 degrees. We are almost there sweet boy, we are almost there!
He also saw the specialist today and had scans done of his little head. Good news is... we did not leave with a helmet. However, there are some definite issues that were addressed. We return on September 1st for a second set of scans and if there has been no improvement on the head, he will go into a helmet. Remember all the improvement he is making through PT deals with the neck.
The specialist did indicate that she felt like the Torticollis was positional from him being so jam packed in the womb. This did not surprise me at all, especially since I began telling everyone during my 8th month of pregnancy that I was out of room.
We are still just lifting Gavin up in prayer every chance that we get. After all, this Girl knows that God is in control!


monelle said...

Great news Laura! I trust Gavin will be healed! I miss my friend :)

Melissa said...

1st tooth...How exciting! What a big boy! He is growing so fast. Cannot believe that he is 5 months old and with a tooth! So happy to hear that he is improving everyday. We will keep the prayers going that there will be no need for a helmet in Sept. Kiss him and Emma for us!