Friday, November 20, 2009

GoOd RidDaNce!

We have a good reason to celebrate in our house this week and we are all jumping for JOY! Our "little man" officially got to take his helmet off and we are THRILLED. That makes for one happy boy that can be more comfortable, a happy Mommy & Daddy that can get more sleep and a happy big sister that does not have to worry about him anymore.

You served your purpose Star Band. We appreciate your hard work, quick results, and dedication to our son ~ but it is time for you to go. We will probably keep you for a while, just for memories and the fact that you cost as much as a week long tropical vacation to the Bahamas...but vow to NEVER use you again.

I must admit that it was worth the sleepless nights because Gavin's head is beautiful and as perfect as can be now. He is a much happier little boy without it as you can see. Of course he is always a jolly little fellow, we are so blessed.

Above is a picture of the final scan we had done of Gavin's head. The diagram shows his head {in red} of when we started and the final scan {in blue} are the end results. Our specialists and everyone involved were AMAZED and how much growth we were able to get and how quickly he improved in such little time. We were expecting to wear this at a minimum till his 1st Birthday.
God has answered our prayers and we are truly blessed. I appreciate all of the support and prayers that each of you have provided on our behalf. The truth is, our problems were always so small compared to others and we never lost sight of that. However, at the same time we wanted Gavin's head to be as normal as possible and we are completely satisfied. We are thankful for many things this week and this just happens to be something else we can add to our very long list.
To God be the Glory, great things he has done!


Adventures on the Farm said...

CONGRATULATIONS GAVIN....job well done!!

Rebekah said...

What a praise!!!

monelle said...

Yeah for Gavin! Praise Jesus!

KK said...

Yeah, so thankful for all of you! Many answered prayers.
Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22

Jilly said...

Beautiful boy -- love that smile!

Lesli said...


I have been following your blog for a while now and little Gavin has been in my prayers! This is awesome news!!

Way to go Gavin!!