Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guess Who

...showed up in our room this morning after sleeping in her bed for 2 months and never getting up? Our sweet little Emma decided she was a big girl this morning and got out of bed and came in our room saying, "I did it by by myself Daddy, I got up all by myself and opened the door and came in here, I did not call Mommy, I did it all by myself Daddy".

You sure did baby girl, you did it all by yourself. I think the fun has just begun with this one. I am wondering how long it will take her to get up and play with her toys or help herself to a little snack ~ probably won't be long.


Hollye said...

Laura...Kennedy did that to me one morning. She would normally come and wake me up. But for some reason, she ventured into the living room and Brian had forgotten to lock the gate, so she went downstairs and helped herself to an entire bag of donuts. She came upstaits and handed me the bag with like 3 left. Needless to say, she had a stomach ache later. Then one morning she knocked on my door and asked me for a wash cloth. Why? Because the wall was dirty. Why was it dirty? Because she went down the entire length of the hallways, both sides with a RED crayon. And washable red crayon really isn't washable!

Lianna Knight said...

I was wondering when that was going to happen :) Looks like you might have a morning visitor every weekend...but I can' think of a sweeter visitor!!!

Lesli said...

Oh, yes, this is sooo much fun. My daughter who is three just NOW started getting out of her bed at night. She comes into our room every night (early am) and gets into bed with us. I was trying to put her back in her bed but she still kept getting back up so I finally decided that I needed sleep more so basically she ends up in our bed almost every night! I hope you have better luck than we!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!