Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 29 Months, Emma

It is so hard for me to believe that we have been parents for 29 months and even harder to believe that this little girl is already 29 months old. Seriously, it seems like yesterday that we would sit around and just dream about who she would look like and what her personality would be like. I am here to tell you, she looks just like her Daddy and acts just like me. It is a little scary at times exactly how much she is like me and I love it! The girl is as witty as they come and has more energy than even we know what to do with at times.

This girl loves her little Brother and constantly tries to keep him entertained with her silly behavior. We usually catch him belly laughing at her and I can't say I blame him, she is funny.

Below are just a few of the things you are doing these days that keeps us on our toes:
  • Praying before every meal, you say the sweetest little prayer {Our Father, once again, thank you for your blessings, Amen}

  • Anytime we go to the store you always ask us where your debit card is?

  • You have decided and tell us all the time you want to be a Firefighter when you get big.

  • Sleep in your big girl bed and never get up, you just call out our name to come and get you

  • Have become so much stronger and really enjoy your gymnastics class

  • Sleep with about 10 critters every night and you know if one is missing within seconds

  • Tell us constantly that you love us and you are the most affectionate little girl I have ever met.

  • Love to get your own food out of the pantry and refrigerator

  • Get your own self dressed and some days you wear your shirt backwards

  • Continue to be so independent and refuse help with most things

  • Enjoy playing dress up and acting like you are flying around the house with wings on your back

  • You speak in paragraphs these days and you are so easy to understand

Emma Caroline, we are so proud of you sweet girl. You are such a loving, happy little girl and we could not have asked for a more precious daughter. Our days are always brighter because of your little laugh and smile. We love you more than you will ever know!


monelle said...

I am so ready for a visit with you and your sweet babies! Just say when and I am there! Miss you much!

Lianna Knight said...

I LOVE the debit card question...HILARIOUS!!!

Melissa said...

29 how time flies! What a precious little one! SHe just cracks me up with ewveryhting that comes out of her mouth! I am loving the Debit card question! Cannot wait to see her (an all of you) next week! Happy 29 month birthday precious Emma! We love you!

Rebekah said...

Emma, could you be any more cute?!?! I love reading what you are up to and dream about little Cilla doing all those fun big girl things!