Thursday, December 3, 2009

9 months = 26.8 lbs

I can hardly believe that my big ole boy turned 9 months old today. It is even harder to imagine that he has been on this earth for as long as he was inside of me. It has been an awesome 9 months of celebrating each day of this sweet boy's life and continuing to be thankful for the blessing of him daily.

Month 9 has brought about some changes:
  • Weigh 26.8 lbs and wear size 6 diapers
  • You are standing up on your own
  • Continue to say Mommy, Daddy & Emma
  • You are very active and all over the place when we put you on the floor
  • Got to have your helmet removed and your head looks beautiful
  • Your Daddy had to cut a little piece of your hair because it was hanging over your ears
  • You are madly in love with your big sister and think she is so funny
  • You are scooting all over the house and are really fast
  • Have become super attached to Daddy this month and often prefer him over Mommy these days
  • Enjoy playing in Emma's room
  • Started pulling up and standing up in your crib while holding onto the rail
  • Love our dog Beamer and get very excited when he is by you
  • Noddy has become the TV show you love the best
  • Car rides and baths are your favorite times
  • Celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving with us at the Carnes
  • You are a wild man, you like to squirm around during diaper changes and when we are holding you
  • Have 8 teeth and love to bite us
  • Enjoy being outside
  • Traveled with us on our 2nd vacation & you were wonderful
  • YoBaby yogurt remains your favorite food
  • You are quite the ham when we pull out a camera and start smiling instantly
  • Get super excited and scream when you like something
  • Taking 3-4oz. pumped bottles a day and nursing at night, still exclusively nursed {you refuse to try formula}
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothes and 6-12 month Pedi Peds
  • You look just like my Daddy {oh what I would have given if he could have just held you this side of Heaven~you would have had a pony by now for sure. He would have been smitten over you}
  • You constantly laugh and smile

Gavin, you are a pure delight. We love you so much and your smile is contagious, Son. We are so excited to have you with us this Christmas and to celebrate the Holidays as a family of four. Happy 9 month old Birthday, baby boy. We continue to thank GOD everyday for the blessing of you. Keep Smiling!


Darla DiStefano said...

go little man go! That's a pretty boy right there!

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness. He is gorgeous!!! Can little boys be gorgeous?!?! These babies need to quit growing up so fast!
I starting crying reading about Gavin being just like your daddy. I know exactly how you feel about wishing he could have held your sweet boy here on earth! I always imagine taking Cilla to meet her Grammie and the smile and joy that would be all over her Grammie! I thought about you over thanksgiving and will be praying for you over the holiday season.

Melissa said...

Happy 9 month Birthday sweet boy! You sure bring joy to us when you are around!!!