Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Green Eggs & Gingerbread

One of my favorite memories of our little Texas Christmas Getaway was eating breakfast with the Grinch.
I was a little concerned that my kiddos would be scared to death of the big green fella.
I was the first one to get a big hug from the Grinch and I wanted my babies to see that he was a friendly guy. I love the Grinch and my husband finds it most appropriate to call me this during the Holiday Season. As a matter of fact, we all collect a Hallmark ornament every year and mine is the Grinch ornament that Curtis loves to pick out for me then giggle about it throughout the Holidays with family and friends.

Yes, we really ate green eggs & ham. How cute is this? All of the food was themed around the story and let me just tell you there was some interesting stuff on the spread.
This little girl did not want the Grinch to touch her. She kept saying, "Mommy, tell him to keep his hands to himself". Yes, my baby will drink out of her cereal bowl no matter where she happens to be. I kept telling her the Grinch was friendly and she kept saying, "friendly like my shadow Mommy?"
I loved this chocolate fountain they had set up.
This happens to be my favorite picture from our entire trip. I can not help but smile every time I look at my little guy in the Grinch's big hands.

Here is the best we could do as far as a family shot goes. We were shocked that Emma actually sat down beside him. Of course we had to tell him to keep his hands to himself.
Look who is standing by himself these days. This was on a little bridge as we were leaving breakfast.
Onto Gingerbread Corner to build an Enchanted Gingerbread House. I had never heard of these until this weekend, but apparently they are one of Oprah's Favorite things.
We had so much fun decorating the little house. We usually do one of these at home, so it was nice to make this mess somewhere else.
Emma's Daddy was telling her to stop eating the candy. This poor kid could not resist eating the candy. We would tell her and tell her not to eat it, so she would lick it. It was HILARIOUS!
Okay, so Daddy finally gave in and just started squirting icing in her mouth. Of course then she kept saying, "one more time Daddy, please".
Little Man even got involved in the action. If you look real close he has the icing bag in his hands and it looks like his sister has another piece of candy in her mouth.
Our house ended up being so random and just had stuff everywhere, but we made some wonderful memories creating it.
The final product. Yes, that is an {F} on the front which represents the Frazier Four! Oh and look at my sweet girl, looks like she got one last lick in before we put it away. She was so proud of this Gingerbread house and we were so proud of all her hard work. Of course we have this displayed on our island for all our Holiday guest to enjoy.


Rebecca Jo said...

So many fantastic pictures!!! Now, that's a great deal - letting someone just shoot icing into a mouth! I want that!! :)

Gavin with the Grinch is the BEST picture!!! If you could photo-crop Emma in there- that'd be the perfect Christmas card picture! :)

And the green eggs dont look too appealing - I have to admit!

KK said...

So thankful you had such a wonderful and memorable trip! All of the pictures are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.
Blessings to your precious family today and always,
Matthew 21:22

Adventures on the Farm said...

Looks like yall had a BLAST....the kids are getting so big but are as cute as ever. Thanks for sharing the pictures of yalls THanksgiving!

monelle said...

Gavin is standing - OMGoodness

Melissa said...

Such sweet pictures. Gavin is staniding up so good. What a big boy! Cracking up at Emma and her issue with the Grinch. So cute!