Tuesday, December 29, 2009

QuaCK, qUAck, QUAck

Santa landed on our rooftop on Christmas Eve with a crate in his sleigh that said "LIVE ANIMALS" making for one happy little girl at our house.

Months ago Emma started telling us all she wanted for Christmas was a firetruck and a real duck. We thought she would change her mind, but she continued to talk about these ducks daily until she got her little hands on them.

This is where she hangs out these days, on her little stool looking at her two little ducklings.

She decided to name her ducks, brother & sister. The little one is brother and the yellow is sister (bet you can't guess what made her think of those names can you)?

They are the cutest little things I have ever seen and we have fallen in love with them.

This little girl would live on a farm if we would let her. She reminds me so much of myself more and more everyday.

We plan to release these little guys in our neighborhood pond eventually, so we have been letting them spend some time swimming and bathing themselves.
I wish you could just see these ducks follow Emma around like little dogs. They literally take off running behind her all over the house.

She loves to tell them, "come on little duckies I am the Mommy". It is so sweet, until she tells them and me that I am the grandma (ha ha).

Last night we let them swim in the water table, so the kiddos could watch. Emma was trying to kiss them the entire time.

Our little man loves them too. It is so funny to watch him look at them. He is probably thinking that we have lost our minds with 2 ducks living in the house. Maybe we have!

I don't know how we will ever let them go. Each day we grow more and more attached to them. We have told Emma from the start that we could not keep them forever and she seems to be okay with it for now.

She keeps telling us that when we turn them loose in the pond, she is going to put her bathing suit on and swim with them.
So where did the ducks come from? Rumor has it that Santa picked them up from a feed store the Tuesday before Christmas when they were only 1 day old. They had just arrived from the hatchery where he had ordered them from about a month ago. Good thing Santa is a planner, right? The Jolly Old Fellow did a good job according to our little red headed, 2 1/2 year old.
These little ducks have been very loved and spoiled by The Frazier Four. They are growing quickly, much faster then we expected. I would say they have tripled in size over the past week. I am a little concerned that we are going to wake up one morning and they will be flying around our house. Emma would probably think that was the greatest thing ever.
So, the Frazier's have a farm with quack quack here and a quack quack there, here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack quack, oh and one VERY HAPPY little girl too!


Lianna Knight said...

Laura...that little Emma is YOU!!! I think Mommy is the one that will be upset when you have to take them to the pond. But...what a great idea. You guys will drive by that pond every single day and Emma can always say Hi to her little furry friends :)

Happy New Year!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my word... is that anything but precious!!! I love the duckies chasing Emma!!!

My brother & I had baby ducks when I was little too... but sadly, the neighbors cat found them one day in their pin... gasp! Bad childhood memories ... ugh!

Yeah - I cant imagine giving them up... they'll probably find their way back to your house! Seriously - they are known to do that!!!!

Trish said...

what a wonderful post and great pictures too. It is wonderful to see that she has such a deep love for animals no matter what kind they are. My son is 13 and bring anythings live that he can carry into our house...ni joke...the night before last he came running in the hose yelling "hurry Mom, I need some water QUICK!) I ran in the kitch to find him holding a HUGE tadpole in his hands.Boys I tell ya!

Good luck letting them go :O(

Adventures on the Farm said...

How precious....sounds like she had the PERFECT Christmas and what a wonderful SANTA. And there names tell you just how much she cherishes them!! Enjoy your time off with the babies

Hudson said...

That is so adorable. I just love how into animals she is..she is so loving and sweet. Too cute!!!

Jessica said...

If I had a fenced in backyard where I live now... I would totally do that! Those are SOOO cute! But we don't have a neighborhood pond or anything so I'd have to keep them in my yard or take them to my in-laws when they grew up.

Looks like the kids love them!

monelle said...

Too precious! Happy New Years to the Frazier Four!

Jennifer said...

My parents let us have ducks for Easter one year, and yes yours will be flying around before you know it! That's when we had to take them to our neighborhood park w/a pond. It would be soooo cute to see her swimming with her "babies"! What an adorable little
girl you have!