Sunday, September 12, 2010

An EMOTIONAL first Soccer game!

Our little girl had her 1st Soccer game Saturday morning and it was very interesting for the kids, Coaches, parents and grandparents. Coach Greg kept saying it was like herding cats on the field and he was so right. Curtis is assisting this season with coaching and it was some kind of funny. These little girls were HILARIOUS and so super sensitive. Brook's Uncle Randy was sweet enough to step in and help Curtis keep all the little LADYBUGS on the field.

I {heart} that Emma is wearing my number and she is pretty proud about it too. On the way to the game she kept telling her Grandma and Nana that she was wearing her Mommy's number. Not real sure she knows what it means, but it sure does put a smile on my face to hear her say it.
It was super hot Saturday morning and my little red headed babies cheeks got red fast.

Emma enjoyed herself as long as the other teams girls were not trying to take the ball away from her. Poor baby, she just did not understand.
She cried through 85% of the game, but she stayed in and continued to play in spite of how frustrated she became with the other team.

She spent a little time at the goal because I was on that end taking pictures and encouraging the girls to kick the ball to the goal.

This was during the 4th quarter and I thought she had gotten herself together and was beginning to understand the game.

Losing the ball to the other girl just did not seem fair to her. She could not understand why they did not let her have her turn. She kept running to her Grandmothers on the sideline and saying, "they will not let me have my turn".

She got the ball back and headed back down the field, but she had several girls right on her heels as she made her way to the goal. Notice her face, she was crying the whole time they were chasing her.

As soon as they would get the ball from her she would stop in her tracks and start crying really loud and hard. It was the cutest thing, but it got old really quick. One of the little girls from the other team would stop in the middle of the play and rub Emma's back while encouraging her to stop crying and move on. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

At one point Gavin had all the crying he could take and he went out onto the field to check on Emma and see if he could help her out. She was so worried he was going to get knocked down or trampled, so she wanted to make sure one of her grandmas was coming to get him.

Got herself back together for a bit and almost made it to the goal before they caught her again.

Nothing like the love of your Daddy at the end of a game whether you win or lose. I am so proud of Emma for NEVER giving up through out the entire game. It really wasn't an option and she stuck it out like a big girl.
Daddy did a good job too as the Assistant Coach. This is his 1st experience Coaching one of his children and it was so fun to watch him. He was so sweet to each of the girls and filled them full of POSITIVE comments, praise & high fives.
I am pretty sure it is safe to say that Emma's favorite part of her 1st game was THE END and the GATORADE. She had the cutest little red mustache and kept telling my Mom, "Grandma, I am a sport and that is why I am drinking this sport drink, only sports get to drink these drinks Grandma, right?"
Looking forward to seeing Emma grow this Soccer season and learn how to work as a team. Her Daddy is going to practice with her and teach her how to be a little more aggressive and not cry on the field. Saturday is one of those times I NEVER want to forget. It was so cute and so sweet to watch them as they struggled to understand the game, play as a team and run up and down the field.
Emma, I am so PROUD of you and know that each week will get better and better for you my little Soccer Sweetie!


Melissa said...

That is the funniest thing! I laughed through this whole post girl!!! She is so dramatic and it is so cute!!! I love it!!!

Lianna Knight said...

What an adorable little post...I laughed and cried throughout the entire thing :) Sweet baby girl...she is COMPETITIVE, isn't she? I understand her feelings TOTALLY!!!

A Southern Sanctuary said...

Ha! Ha! I love that she looks so little girly with her red bows in her hair and her pink shoes. She is so precious. She'll get the hang of it and probably be the aggressive one! Such a cute post!