Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yucky week at our house.

It has been a pretty rough week around the Frazier household with 2 sick  kids that have not eaten for a couple days.   Guess we have picked up the bug that everyone seems to be carrying around in their pockets.  Not fun at all, but we have gotten in some good old fashion lovin' with our little man that rarely sits still these days.

I knew that they must be feeling better when I opened the pantry a few minutes ago and found this.  Not only were they laughing hysterically,  they were double fisting them into their mouths as fast as they could.  Still not sure which one of them opened it up and decided it would be a great idea to dump them out on the pantry floor, but both of them thought it was pretty darn funny.  Oh, the ones in the bear were on the floor too and they decided to go ahead and try to salvage those.  No way kiddos, they are all going in the trash especially since our weenie dog decided to join in on the party.

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