Sunday, September 12, 2010

My BOWLING babies

Both my kiddos bowled for the first time on Saturday and it was a sight to see. I will not be surprised if we get a bill in the mail this week saying we need to pay for a cracked lane or a ball that was damaged. There was very little rolling and lots of throwing go on and it was LOUD as could be.

I just knew this guy was going to break one of his little piggies before it was over.

The witty itty bitty finally figured out how to roll the ball between her legs and onto the floor without biting her tongue off. Emma really enjoyed bowling, so we might have to do this a little more often.
I have never been one for arcade/game venues, but I must admit that I had a blast watching these two in action at their cousin's 9th birthday party. After shopping for costumes at the Disney Store and spending the day at this place, I am dreaming of the day we can go to Disney as the Frazier Four!

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Adventures on the Farm said...

I LOVE Gavins face-- glad there were no squished fingers!!