Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you READY for some Football?

You can usually find us hanging out at a football stadium or in a gym watching a volleyball game during the Fall. My Mommy loves for us to support her school and we kind of like it too.

Me and my brother having a little talk about who is going to win the game tonight. Gavin's jersey represents his age, but the number 3 will be running down the field tonight so I had to settle for the number 8.

Emma is ready to Cheer the Bulldogs to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Little Man sure is cute in his Bulldog gear. Of course we are not letting them wear these jerseys. I had to beg the Head Coach to let me borrow them and I still don't think he was super thrilled about it.

I love that my kiddos get to participate in all the sporting events at my school. It is a great opportunity for them to be around some wonderful kids and get excited about going to school one day.

This little boy melts my heart more and more everyday and will always be #1 in this Mommy's eyes.

I think Emma would rather wear this jersey over her Cheer uniform Mommy ordered for her.

Yay Bulldogs ~ Go, Fight, Win! The Frazier Four look forward to supporting you this season.

Okay, he is my little boy but I still think he is one of the prettiest little boys I have ever seen. His Daddy was so sweet to let him try on the BIG BOY football helmet.

Your head will be big enough to hold it up one day buddy, don't worry. It is not like the other helmet you use to wear, is it?

Who says girls can't play football Mom? Uh, ME! We will just stick to ballet and soccer Emma Lou!
We are all looking forward to a season filled with bright lights, popcorn, football, volleyball, drill team, cheer, color guard, marching band and all that the BULLDOGS have to offer.

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Patricia said...

Sorry about deleting the first post!
SO cute, and the Bulldogs got their first Varsity VICTORY!!! Yay Bulldogs :)