Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mommy needs more time!

Our calendars are jam packed and this Mommy is taking one day at a time trying to keep her head above it all without forgetting about something. I think I just recovered from sweet Emma Lou's FOURTH Birthday party, but no time to slow down.

Between birthdays, recital practice, dress rehearsal, school birthday party, wrapping up the school year, computer viruses, recital, 4 year old check ups, end of school program, planning for vacation, celebrating her "real" birthday and life, this Mommy is tired but determined to get it all done. Hoping to catch up soon, document all these memories, love on my babies and keep smiling no matter what is thrown my way. One thing is for sure, a Mommy's job is never done!

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Kim W. said...

You are one good momma! Way to go, Laura! My hats off to you for sure! Your kiddos are SO lucky to have such a great mom. Have a geat week/month/entire summer!