Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer + Playdates = 4 years!

Today we had a play date with Mrs.Cassi, Brook & little Luke.  I am honored to say that this is the 4th summer we have gotten our kiddos together to have some fun, the first one was really about us feeling cooped up in the house and craving interaction.  We had big plans to go to the pool today but we got some much needed rain instead, so we just camped out at our house.

We got Tilda and Piper ready for a day of fun and they were waiting to get played with when Brook rang the doorbell at 10:30 this morning with a Dairy Queen Blizzard in her hand (ha).  Emma's babies might be a little sad because they did not get played with or acknowledged all day.  Brook and Emma had other plans and they had BIG fun!

The morning started out with them playing dollhouse and screaming, "No boys allowed over here".  Luke and Gavin just kind of walked around and played, but they really wanted to be right beside their big sisters.  We broke out the moon sand and the girls made all sorts of things and pretended to eat it.

Every little girl should have some fishing worms to play with on a rainy day, don't you think?   Emma dug  the worms out of the dirt and Brook ended up joining in until Emma pulled the "big fat one out" and she took off. 

Emma decided to give one of the worms a kiss and announced, "I am married to him now because I kissed him".  It was HILARIOUS, just praying she continues to think that you can only kiss if you are married.

There were many rides shared on Gavin's tricycle and lots of laughter as they got faster and faster by the end of  the day.  I was so PROUD of these two today because they did a great job sharing, playing and being sweet to one another (Brooke even lets Emma hug her now). 

Gavin  and Luke joined in by chasing their Big Sisters around the dining room table and squealing as loud as they could in hopes of catching them.

Every good day  must come to an end, but not without a group hug.   We walked them out to the car and Emma was yelling, "see you tomorrow Brook we are coming to your house for a play date" and the truth is WE just might! 

I am so glad that we have made efforts to keep in touch with the Locascio family.  Our kids love each other and there is no doubt in my mind they will be forever friends. 

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