Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gavin vs. the Dentist

Both of the kiddos had appointments to have their teeth cleaned this morning bright and early.  We have been talking to Gavin all week about the Dentist and Emma even showed him what would happen when he got there.  Emma had the plan all organized and decided she would go first so Gavin could see how a FOUR year old gets their teeth cleaned.

While his brave big sister was up on the table getting her teeth cleaned this boy was playing Pac Man.  I have to be honest, I wanted to jump on and play too.  I think he ate a couple ghost up before it was his turn to jump up on the table or should I say off (ha ha).

Gavin found a big iguana he took a liking to, so we attempted to clean its teeth to make him happy but he was not having it.  It was a joint effort to get his teeth cleaned and Emma tried to keep him entertained with Buzz.  I warned all of them that he was a BITER and I am not sure she believed me until he bit through her latex glove and drew blood (OOPS). 

After the hygienist finished with him he had to see the dentist.   His teeth looked great and they were even able to get fluoride brushed on, so it was a successful visit.  It is safe to say that Gavin was afraid of the dentist and the dentist might have been a little afraid of him too.

When he finally got to dive out of the chair he was mad and decided to lay down on the floor and pout for a little while.  I just ignored him and eventually he decided to get up and head on over to the train table.

He was not a happy boy, but he sure was cute with that bottom lip sticking out.   The dentist gave him two golden coins to use in a vending machine, however he was so mad he stuck them in his pocket and brought them home.

Emma was quite the trooper this go around and very interested in everything the hygienist and the dentist did to her mouth.  She did get me in trouble with the dentist when she shouted out, "Dr. Jai, I am 4 years old now and I use my Daddy's toothpaste Crest White 3-D".  Dr Jai said, "Hmmmm Emma that is great but I am not really sure that is a good idea" and I knew at that time the lecture was coming.  He explained to me that the toothpaste was too abrasive for her teeth and she needed to go back to using kid toothpaste.  Emma frowned on this and Dr. Jai reminded her she needed to continue using kid toothpaste until she could not fit on the table anymore.  Lesson learned!

After we left the dentist we met my friend Jenny and her son Parker back at our house for a great lunch, swim and play date.  Parker is 3 months younger than Emma, they played so well together and had a fun time. 

We are looking forward to going to the Circus in the morning with Emma's best friend Brooke and her little brother Luke.  Emma went to bed convinced that she is riding an elephant tomorrow and I told her she might want to dream about it tonight.  As I was closing the door she said, "Well can I at least ride in the very back seat with Brooke?" (ha ha).  Yep, third row it is for both you silly girls tomorrow.

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Jesse Hake said...

Heh, while it's sad that Gavin doesn't like the dentist that much, he sure does look adorable when he's pouting. Bringing him next time won't be a lot of fun for you and him, but keep at it. Here's to hoping that he gets used to it!