Monday, July 25, 2011

Heading Back

This morning I headed back to work after being off for 6 weeks.  This has been an amazing summer, which makes it even tougher to head back so soon.  My kids were big enough this year to be on the go constantly and that is how we spent our entire summer.  Of course we were gone on vacation for 10 days, but the rest of our time was packed with play dates and enjoying the outdoors. 

I spent time in prayer last night because I know it is difficult on all of us when I first go back.  We are so blessed and thankful to have an amazing Nanny that loves our kiddos.  She helps us in so many ways and affords us extra time with our babies during the work week.   Emma and Gavin were super excited to see her and Baby Kain this morning and will probably talk her ears off today.

Although I was a little sad this morning, I am excited to get back to what I do BEST and LOVE, mentoring 1800 high school students.  Every year I always struggle and ask myself if I am making a bigger impact at work than I could make as a SAHM?  Honestly,  the answer is YES!  I love what I do and feel that my career is my calling in life.  Every year I just pray I can make a difference in one life and if it ends up being more, God gets all the glory.

My sweet husband gave me the most beautiful card last night and thanked me for making sure our kids had a memorable summer and for being the best Mommy.  I will keep that card in my office and read it daily when I start missing the TWO most amazing kids I know.

After 15 years in public education there is still something very exciting about a new beginning and a new school year.  We are looking forward to Gavin moving up to the 2 year old room and Emma entering a very structured Pre-K program at MDO.  Our calendars will be packed with Emma taking Ballet, Tap and Jazz, while Gavin goes to Gymnastics.  I searched high and low for an extra curricular activity for our BUSY little man and this is all that is available for a 2 year old.  I think it is so important for them to be involved and to learn early on about commitment and not giving up.  We are longing for Friday night Football and can not wait to see some action on the Volleyball court.  So many things to look forward to at the start of a new school year and no doubt we will be super busy.    

While I struggled this morning to leave the two littlest people I love more than I could ever explain, I believe with all my heart that my career makes me a better Mommy for so many reasons.  There is no way I could be successful at what I do without a supportive and hands on Daddy, so Curtis is a huge blessing that does not go unnoticed. Right now this is what works for OUR FAMILY with the season we are in, but are fully aware that this season could change any day.  I encourage you to do what works for you and your family without passing judgement on others, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to being a working Mommy or a SAHM (both are incredibly difficult at times). I document our choices in hopes my children will one day reflect back and see that we were committed to them having the best life ever while balancing careers.

You better believe that when the clock strikes 3:00 this afternoon, I am running straight home to hug, kiss, laugh and love on the rest of The Frazier Four!


LAURA said...

Hi Laura,

I know it was hard to say goodbye after having the past few weeks with your kids and all of the fun that you had with them. Your words were so inspiring though, about what it means to be a working mommy, and the impact that you have on the other kids in your schools, the lives that you touch each day.

It looks like you had a wonderful summer at Disney World and Atlantis and you have such a beautiful family! I hope the transition back to work becomes easier for everyone in the coming days/weeks, as I know how hard it is being a working mommy myself.

Happy Wednesday!

Deidra Brown said...

Laura that is why I read your blog. You give me a young mother of three the inspiration to continue with being a mother and continue to work without thinking twice. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Brandi said...

Such a great post!!!!! Love it!!!