Friday, July 15, 2011

Singing and Barking / 49 Months

We headed out early this morning for Emma's scheduled surgery to have tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed.  It was a rough night since her little piggy she had been bottle feeding for a week was no where to be found.   Not sure what happened to it, we are thinking she hid it somewhere in the house from her brother and now she can not find it either.  She had Daddy backtracking at 11:30 last night to Baskin Robbins thinking it might have fallen out of the car.  Needless to say, she went to sleep crying over piggy and woke up crying over him.  We ended up taking Tilda girl, Piglet & white dog with us instead and she was okay with it, finally!

Yesterday I ordered 4 boxes of chocolate dipped fruit to take to the hospital for the medical team that would be working on our sweet Emma Lou.  I am sure my husband thought I was CRAZY,  like always he just smiled and didn't ask any questions.  One of the things I love about him is that he never gives me a hard time about what I buy, spend or order and good thing because me and the UPS man are great friends. I just felt like I needed to take care of the people that would be taking care of my child and this was just a tiny way I could let them know I appreciated them.

Emma got to wear her night gown to the hospital this morning and good thing because we got there before the crack of dawn.  She did such a great job for us and was such a cooperative little patient.  The nurse kept telling us she wished all kids were as good as Emma.

The staff was amazing and let her choose her own bed when we went to register at the hospital.  She chose bed number 1, because bed 4 was missing and we all know how in love with the number 4 she is these days!  Lo and behold when we showed up this morning bed 4 was waiting on her.

The nurse gave her some medicine to make her loopy when we got there, actually she asked if I wanted to give it to her so I gave Emma the choice.  Guess who she picked?  She chose to do it herself, gotta love a strong willed child!

Within about 10 minutes she got super SILLY and started laughing hysterically.  At one point she told us she wanted to get up and jump on the bed and we told her that was not a good idea because she could fall.  She looked at us and said, "Well here I go" and attempted to get up.  She tried to get up several times especially when her Daddy walked out for a little bit.  She also brought each of her babies to life and started talking with silly little voices to them. When our Dr. came in to talk to us he commented on Tilda and Piglet and she squealed out, "and that's not all" while pulling white dog out from under the cover.

We asked Emma if we could pray with her at the hospital and she said she wanted to pray.   We all held hands while she prayed and this is how it went, "Dear Heavenly Father, please be with my baby brother Gavin, please watch over him at RaRa's house.  God, please keep Gavin safe and let RaRa take good care of him.  Please watch over Gavin. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!"  Sweet girl was worried about her brother instead of herself.

Daddy is getting a lesson on how to hold Piglet and putting his surgery cap back on the way Emma Lou wanted it done.

I must admit I was a nervous wreck about Emma being put to sleep this morning.  I had prayed and prayed about it and knew in my heart that God had this, but I was still worried.  I knew the procedure would be quick and so simple, but signing all those waivers at the hospital physically made me sick.

It only took about 35 minutes for the entire procedure and our Dr. came out and told us she did GREAT!  He said Emma kept them entertained back there by singing and barking at them just like her little white dog.  He was very pleased with how easily the fluid came out of her ears and commented on how large her adenoids were when he removed them.  

He reluctantly told me they had to end up sticking the IV in her foot because they could not get it in her little hand.  Of course I asked how many times they stuck her and he ignored my question with a funny look on his face.   It must have been alot because he did not want me to know or ask the question again. 

We are home now and both my babies are sleeping.  Nana, Aunt Stacey, Hunter and Camryn sent this to Emma and it looks so YUMMY.  Emma will be so excited when she wakes up because she wanted one of these yesterday when we picked our stuff up at Edible Arrangements.

Emma was able to eat when we got home from the hospital.  She chose Tomato soup from our favorite cafe and fresh watermelon that Mommy cut up.

We are praying that Emma will get some relief now that  these two things have been done and not be so susceptible to so many little illnesses.  Now that it is done, I am so glad we moved in this direction but it was not easy to watch them carry our sweet girl away this morning.  I did have to hide in a corner and cry for a little bit before I went back out into the waiting area.

PRAISING God for so many things today, feeling incredibly BLESSED and HOPEFUL as I listen to my most precious blessings snore their little hearts out!


Hudson said...

I'm so glad that Emma's procedures went smoothly! Hudson saw the pictures and wanted to make sure that she was okay! Give her hugs from us.

Whitney said...

I'm so glad everything went well for you guys! Morgan had her adnoids and tonsils removed and tubes put in her ears when she was 3! It's so scary to watch your child be put under anesthesia. I had nervous thoughts and as you did, prayed and prayed!! :)

Lianna Knight said...

SO thankful everything turned out :)