Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Summer,

We love so many things about you!  Tonight we took a long stroll in the neighborhood while Emma rode her new bike.

Little man enjoyed riding in his little car while Daddy and I took turns pushing him.  They have the cutest Mater bike that I am dying for this little boy to get as soon as he is big enough.

Emma finally got the new 16" bike that she has been desperately needing to replace her 12" bike.  We had planned on getting this for her 4th Birthday, but it took her a little while to learn to be more appreciative.

She actually got to go to Toys R Us Friday night and pick the exact bike she wanted.  It was between this Littlest Pet Shop Bike or a Pink Barbie bike.  It took her several different test drives and about 30 minutes to make her final decision.

She did a great job riding her big girl bike tonight and was super excited about showing it off to the neighbors that were outside watering their yards.

When we got home this Little Man got out and took off running.  What you see here is Gavin's mode of transportation all day long, except when he is sleeping.  The boy WALKS no where and RUNS everywhere!  I am telling you that this kid has the energy of about 5 toddlers combined.  I have truly NEVER seen a more ACTIVE child in my life and it is NONSTOP.  I love this boy more than life itself and I am thankful for his rambunctiousness even though I am exhausted at the end of everyday (well maybe the middle some days).

I still believe we have the best of both worlds, a "girly GIRL" and an "all BOY".  These two kiddos make for a very happy Mommy & Daddy no matter how tired we might be.  At the end of everyday when they wrap their arms around our necks, squeeze us tight and tell us they love is all WORTH it!

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