Friday, September 16, 2011

Emma's First Night Away

Yes, my baby left this evening with her Nana and her big cousin Camryn for her very first night away from home.  Emma is 4 years 3 months old and up until tonight she has never stayed away from home and I have no regrets about that decision at all.  I am just one of those Momma's that does not enjoy or want to be away from my babies unless it is work related.

She has been looking forward to this night for the last two weeks when Nana invited her and Camryn for a girls night. All week she has been counting down the days and talking about going to the nail spa, dinner, baking and watching movies with her Nana.

She was most excited that I told her she could have her fingernails painted a very pale pink. She is never allowed to have polish on her hands, I am just not a fan of it and want her to wait till she is older to do certain things (so toenail polish is all she has been allowed to have). I just spoke to my MIL and she said Emma proclaimed loud and clear when she walked into the nail spa, "My Mom said I can only get my nails painted a very pale pink".

Emma was packed up and hanging out by the front door when I got home from work, pacing the floor waiting for her Nana to show up.  This girl was super excited and I was excited for her, even though I miss her like crazy.

She did not hesitate to climb right in and tell us goodbye after giving us both "Two Kisses & a Hug!"  Gavin started getting a little nervous when it was time for us all to start a huggin and a kissin.

You are looking at two happy little girls that were ready to get the party started.  No telling what they will talk Nana into doing and how they will sleep since Emma toted Tilda, Piper, white dog, Violet, her blanket and a pillow along.

Poor Nana had to suffer through dinner at "Chika Fil A" and some playground time.   The kids might have been a little active in there, because my sweet child decided to inform Nana out loud, "Some of these kids parents need to teach them how to act Nana".  Bwahahahahah, she is so my child.

While we had very happy little girls, we ended up with one VERY unhappy little boy.  His heart was broken that his big sister, best friend, playmate, bath buddy, TV partner and companion was in that car driving away. 

He was sad, angry and devastated all in one and started crying the ugly cry, you know the one where you are gasping for air.   He just kept screaming, "I want my Emma, I want my Emma, I want to go get her, lets go get my Emma Momma".  We finally got him settled down with the promise of some ice cream, but it took a good while.  These two do not like to be away from each  other, even at nap time if Gavin gets up first he wants to wake Emma up immediately.  He is way more dependant on her and I don't think we realized how much until tonight when they were separated for the first time ever, besides MDO.

In my heart, I know this is a good experience for all of us.  No doubt Emma is having a blast and we have enjoyed our alone time with our little man.  Not too sure he will let Emma get out of his sight once she gets home,  he is lost with her.

Praying my little girl, Camryn and Nana all get a good nights sleep and enjoy their girl time.  I am off to snuggle with my two favorite boys and watch Shark Tale (Gavin's choice).

***Update:  Emma did great at Nana's.  She did not go to sleep till 12:30 and talked Nana's ear off while Camryn was fast asleep.  She had a blast even though her little brother was lost without her.


Kim W. said...

I love it. I am the same way...our girls are going to grow up too fast as it is, why rush the "big girl" stuff. And none of ours have ever stayed a night away from home either, and I dread it coming. Jake is coming up on 6, and so I know those days lie ahead, but I just feel so much better with us all being under the same roof every night. ;) Anyhow, hope Emma had a good time though, and hope that sweet Gavin enjoyed his special one on one time. (Have I told you before he is just like our Jack? ;)

Brandi said...

Aw, how sweet! Emma looks so happy in the pics and poor Gavin, he loves his sister!!! PRESH!!!!!!