Tuesday, September 27, 2011


With the help of our weenie dog, Emma Lou scored a frog this evening.  Any trip to the backyard where an animal/insect is captured is considered SUCCESS.  Poor little frog just did not know what he was in for when her net snapped down on top of him.  Gavin stood on the sidelines cheering her on and shouting, "come here little guy, come here."

Look at the smile on her face after she knew the frog was in the net for good.  Daddy helped keep him from jumping out and then he went inside to get some rubber gloves (ha ha).

Not sure if you can really get warts from frogs, so we had Emma glove up just in case.  That was a good idea for about 5 seconds and then our animal loving 4 year old fell in love with Mr. Frog.

So much for the glove because she quickly cuddled him the way any Mommy would cuddle her baby.  Gavin was having no part of touching it, he would get close and then take off running and screaming, "that's gross Emma, that is gross." 

Might be gross to you little man, but your sister LOVES it and you better get use to her little animal loving self because it is here to stay.  I was joking with her and said, "Oh Emma, if you are going to be a veterinary one day you better get used to touching those animals, you don't need a glove."  She quickly said, "I am not going to be a vet one day, I am going to be a MOMMY!"

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Kim W. said...

I love that she wants to be a "mommy" one day. That's because she has such a good one, you do know that, right? ;) She is precious. And what a brave little girl! I'd be with Gavin...gross! Ha!