Monday, October 24, 2011

Arrrrrr Jazz Matey...

Tonight was costume night for Emma's Jazz class, so she decided to walk the plank and put on the best pirate gear she could find.  Matter of fact this little pirates loot was purchased at Disney this summer and traveled all the way down to the Bahamas with us before it made its way back to the ship.

Might be one of the cutest little pirates on the ship, I tell ya.  Look at those sweet cheeks and that grin, gets me every single time.

She could not win a battle for nothing, because she is too busy putting her sword down to pose for the camera with her sassy little self.

Meet Emma's sweet friend Lauren that we help get to dance if her Super Hero Mommy is away on business.  So thankful her parents trust us, Emma really enjoys their playtime together and her friendship.

Every girl needs a friend that is a super hero and every super hero needs a friend with a sword, right matey?  These two are the perfect little pair and as prissy as they come.  I love to watch them hold hands, giggle and laugh in the backseat of my car on the way to class.  Lauren was so excited this afternoon because Emma gave her two pennies.  I love the excitement and innocence of their friendship and this stage in life.  I wish it could last forever.

Look at all these little cuties in Emma's Jazz class.  Emma is the youngest of the group while the rest of them are in Kindergarten or First Grade. They are all so super sweet and a couple of them are very talented when their little feet hit the dance floor. 

We are blessed with an amazing studio, great dance friends and good instructors.  Mrs. Christy is Emma's Jazz teacher and also owns the studio, believe it or not she keeps all 16 of these little cuties moving for the entire 45 minutes of non stop jazz.  At the end of every class Emma always has a hug and and thank you for Mrs. Christy and I think it makes her day, week after week.  

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Melissa said...

cutest little princess pirate I ever did see!!! She makes me smile everytime I see her!!