Sunday, October 2, 2011

We HEART Weekends

Friday night football (we are 5-0), Ballet, visit to see Grandma, playdate and so much more filled our weekend.  We welcomed the beautiful Fall weather with open arms and are hoping it is around to stay.  

Emma invited Lauren over for a playdate today and they played outside, inside, baked cupcakes, played dolls and kitchen. Lauren and Emma have been in dance together for 2 years now and she also lives in our neighborhood.  These two had a good time playing together and did a great job baking cupcakes too.

Emma was not making a silly face in this picture, she was really trying to lick cake batter out of one of the little holders before they went into the oven.  The girl has NO self control around batter or icing, so it is all I can do to keep her hands and tongue out of it.

Seriously, I am not sure that PBK intended for Gavin to be taking stroller rides in the doll stroller.  My kids love to pretend, so today Gavin was the baby and Emma was the Mommy.   Notice the baby bottle in his mouth?

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