Thursday, October 6, 2011

Britax Broke!

This little girl has been driving us batty begging to go into a booster seat.  We have finally made the investment and guess what arrived today?

This girl has talked nonstop about these boosters since she knew we ordered them.  From the time her feet hit the floor until she goes to bed she is inquiring about when they are scheduled to arrive.  She has told everyone she has come in contact with that we have ordered them and she is about to get out of her car seat.  Curtis and I just look at each other and laugh when she brings it up because you would think she was getting a new doll or something as excited as she has been.  She has literally been obsessed with this topic.

She knew today was the big day and she paced the floor all day waiting for the UPS truck to arrive with her new seats.  He probably wondered if we adopted triplets when he was stacking them up on the porch.

We should have stock in Britax because we now officially own NINE of them (6 Marathons and 3 Parkways).   One for Daddy's car, Mommy's car and of course our Nanny has to have one too.   Needless to say we have spent a fortune to make sure our kiddos are protected and safe when they are in a vehicle.

You are looking at one very silly girl who is waiting for her Daddy to get home, so he can install her new seats in our cars.  No way would she even think about riding in that car seat for one more day to MDO this week (ha ha).  In the meantime Mommy is going to be washing those other car seats up and helping them find new homes, because we have decided that we will remain The Frazier Four!

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Kim W. said...

I am loving this post. Because we, too, have an obsession with Britax. We literally have purchased 10 now. Two more arrived when I was in the hospital actually. ;) Anyhow, we love them, too. It just gives me so much comfort to know they are as well-protected as they can be. We just bought the boys the new Frontier Boosters, I believe that is the correct name. Anyhow, two for A's truck, and 2 for my Expedition. And I am OCD and had to order the boys Cowmooflauge this time so they'd match JK. ;)