Sunday, January 15, 2012

55 Months

Happy 55 month birthday Emma Lou!  So hard to believe that you will be 5 years old in 5 more months and headed off to kindergarten when summer comes to an end.

You are still our little dancing girl tapping, jazzing and balleting your way through life.  You love everything about dance and look forward to attending classes each week.  You often put on your dance clothes here at home and pretend that you are at the studio.

You are over~confident in all that you do and this makes me so proud.   I pray you will grow up and believe in and love yourself as much as you do today. 

You have enough sassyness to share with 10 other little girls, sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it gets old fast.   There is rarely a time that you are not talking, you are such a chatter box (it comes naturally sweet girl). 

You are still in love with MDO, animals, coloring, reading, writing, playing school, your babies, playing outside, your cousins, dressing up, your friends, parties, Jesus, make up, jewelry, Gavin and so much more.

Our home is filled with so much JOY because of you and every single day you surprise us with something new.  There is not one single thing we would change about you or your amazing little personality.  Everyday I pray that God continues to bless you in all that you do and uses you in a big way. I love you with my whole heart Emma Caroline.

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Kim said...

Oh how you have so many wonderful characteristics in your sweet Emma. What a doll! She is such a cute little girl...and yes, growing up entirely too fast. Emma and Jake will both be in K next year, it'll be fun to watch E via your blog and see what she's up to!