Saturday, January 7, 2012

Operation Kaleidoscope

I was in the restroom this evening and Emma came running in screaming, "Mom, Gavin has that thing stuck on his finger."  I did not know what she was talking about, so I walked towards the kitchen and Gavin is in panic mode and Curtis has him sitting up on the island with a can of Pam cooking spray out on the cabinet.  Yep, Gavin's hand was stuck in a Toy Story Kaleidoscope he must have gotten from a MDO party.  He had been playing in his backpack and got it out of there. 

This little boy pushed this crazy kaleidoscope all the way down on his finger and it was stuck and starting to swell.  The Pam that Daddy sprayed on his finger did not work, nor did the Vaseline that I tried to put on it.   By this time I have him in the bathroom trying to run cold water on it to get the swelling to go down, but he is in panic mode and so am I.

After seeing it continue to swell, I knew we were going to have to restrain him and get it off with a pair of pliers.   I was so afraid his finger was going to get hurt in the process and by this time I just kept saying, "do  we need to take him to the ER?"

Slowly but surely Daddy snipped and snipped and 47 minutes later he was able to snip it close enough to finally break it off.  We had to let Gavin take breaks, scream, cry, play and eat a candy cane during the ordeal.

At this point it was half way off but Daddy was having a hard time getting those pliers as low as he needed them to go without Gavin screaming, "don't hurt me, don't hurt me."

Daddy finally got it off after working slowly from 9:37 - 10:18.   The entire time Emma kept saying, "we should have thrown that thing away." Honestly, tonight was the first time I have ever seen that thing.

The final result and the boy is finally in bed, thank goodness.  I was so worried and wanted it off his finger quick and it was not a quick process.   So, if you have these at your next party do me a favor and do NOT give them to my kids.

Daddy was not happy that I got my camera out in the middle of the craziness that was going on over here, but I had to get a few pictures (and dirty looks) to remember it all.

Oh this boy is all boy and he makes me a nervous wreck, which reminds me I need to post about his last adventure in Academy that had me embarrassed and in tears.

Good Night! 

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