Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miss Independent

This morning before church Emma went missing for a little bit and then came back in so proud that she had completely picked her own outfit out, gotten dressed, fixed her hair and put on her shoes.  She came in our bathroom where we were getting dressed and said, "Mom and Dad, look at me."  Not wanting to hurt her feelings I said, "Oh Emma you look wonderful, but you can not wear that to church."  Her little feelings were so hurt and I felt so bad.

She stomped out and a couple minutes later I went to find her and she was crying.   It took me a while to talk her out of sandals in January (that were too small), pants that were too short and too tight and this shirt.  Yikes!

It was a teachable moment for sure, but one that took me a while to explain.  She did such an amazing job dressing herself and was so proud, but this was not working for me.   Emma eventually changed and afterwards said, "I look so cute."  Needless to say, that outfit is being sold before she gets a chance to wear it again.

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Hi Laura Ann, I feel your pain with this incident. My Emma has done the exact same thing. She cried so hard and said I hurt her feeling. I was speechless. Definately a Mommy lesson. Your blog introduced me to MJC about 2yrs ago and we are hooked. I was wondering if you had any pieces for sale? If so I would to have the chance to buy some.