Friday, June 1, 2012

Emma's MDO 5th Birthday

I grew up with a SUMMER birthday and often felt cheated that I did not get to celebrate with my school friends, so I have always tried to make sure that we recognize Emma's birthday before school is out each year.   Today she celebrated her 5th Birthday with her MDO friends and she was so super excited.

Hard to believe this little girl is almost FIVE years old.  She was most excited about this silly little ribbon from Target that she picked out.

She decided to go with a Princess theme since that is what this years birthday is all about, so we ordered mini cupcakes from a yummy cupcake shoppe where we live.

Her teachers made sure she had a very special Birthday celebration at school by giving her a crown, bookmark, stickers and a Birthday book. 

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Deidra Brown said...

Oh Laura she is such a big girl. It's funny that we have decided on the same theme this year. Kennedy Grace birthday is not until July,but I never really thought about her celebrating with friends from school. :( oh well.