Monday, April 30, 2012

Thankful & Blessed

This morning started out like all the rest for The Frazier Four.  Washed a load of laundry, rushed to get dressed, made sure kids were dressed, fixed hair, backpacks were checked and then we said our goodbyes.  I got down on my knees like I do every morning and looked both of my children in the eyes telling them I loved them, have a great day, make good choices, kissed them, made Gavin say, "I promise Mommy" (he has to promise every morning that he will stay on green), hugged them and went on to work like normal. 

About 12:40 my cell phone rang and it was our Nanny calling and I knew something was wrong, she never calls during the day.  I excused myself from a conference I was having with a teacher and told her I needed to answer the call.  It was at that time that I felt like my heart left my body temporarily.  She proceeded to tell me that everyone was okay, but they had been involved in an accident.  I trust her and knew that everything must be okay if she was telling me that, so I asked her where they were and told her I would call Curtis and he could get to them within 5 minutes.  At this point I was calm, but had very little details.  I called Daddy and relayed the message to him and he took off to make sure our kiddos were okay.

Long story short a F350 Powerstroke towing a trailer hauling a race car (we think), pulled out in front of our Nanny and she was left with no choice but to hit him.  I am so thankful that our kids are secured with the latch safety system and for airbags.  There were 5 men in the other vehicle and none of them got out to see if our kiddos were okay.  Later on we found out it was because they had just purchased beer from the store and they were in the process of ditching it before the police arrived. 

Everyone is safe and the only marks were on Gavin and Kain's necks from their straps in their car seats.  We have so much to be thankful for tonight and it physically makes me sick to let my mind think about what could have been.  I believe that there were some guardian angels watching over our Nanny and all 3 of the kids today.

Once again, I have been reminded how quickly things can change and how truly blessed we are to have two healthy kiddos getting ready to go night-night.  We are thankful for a Nanny that we trust and know in our hearts did everything possible to keep our kids safe and calm until their Daddy arrived.  Bless her heart, I know she hated to make that call to me. 

Tonight I am one happy Mommy that loves her kids more than anything in this world and I never want to imagine my life without them.  I have thanked God over and over for the protection he provided over that vehicle today and for bringing my babies back to me safely.

I don't deserve this life, but I sure do love it!

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Whitney said...

I'm so glad everyone is okay!! PTL!!