Friday, March 8, 2013

Gavin's Invite

Life was a little hectic this year around Gavin's birthday, so I snapped his picture and had my photographer create this invite.   We have yet to do his 4 year old pictures, but hoping to get those done in the next week or two.  

I love the little details that make parties so wonderful and I love cards.   I have saved an invite from each of  my kiddo's birthdays and put them away in their memory boxes.  Thankful to add this Holy Batman invite to the collection.

I am also proud to announce that I cut way back this year and only sent out 18 invites (if you know me, that is a big deal).   I made a promise to cut back on the "over the top" parties and I kept my promise.  In return, we are taking a Spring Break trip skiing (post Gavin's birthday celebration).  I have tried to focus more on giving our kids experiences/memories opposed to stuff.  I have also learned that I am able to enjoy my kiddos much more with fewer party guest and I like that feeling. Now if I can convince the social butterfly of this before her party in June.

Hoping to get party pictures posted soon.  Thank you Darla for helping me out, once again.

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