Saturday, March 9, 2013

Batman Decorations

As usual, we allow our kids to pick their own birthday themes and Gavin did not hesitate to pick Batman months ago.  I am not a huge character fan, but I learned long ago it is about them and not me.
No Batman party would be complete without a cape, mask and gauntlets.  
We decided to use the colors blue, black and yellow for our Batman party.  Little man's batman toys added a special little touch at no cost. 

My kid's think that a party is not a party WITHOUT a pinata, so we got this guy to hang on the rope this year.
I asked Gavin what he wanted at his party and he said, "I want a cake, cupcakes, candy and ice cream Mom."  Can we say sugar overload?

Batman cake from our very favorite bakery, it did not disappoint this year.  We love the yummy icing and raspberry filling. 

Our party favor table that was quite simple this year.  Batman sugar cookies and candy to take home, along with the bag of junk from the pinata.

Gavin saw this Batman balloon months ago and had to have it.  We bought it back in January and just took it back the day of his party to be filled with air and assembled.  It was a little pricey, but well worth the money.  He is still inflated in our foyer and he is huge.  I felt a little awkward driving home from the party store with him, he had to ride in the passenger seat upside down because it was the only way he would fit.

Gavin's cake table, my favorite part of every party is watching my kids stand up at this table surrounded by family and friends while they blow out their candles.  Sweet, precious and unforgettable memories indeed.  

The backyard Happy Birthday banner along with a little table we set up for the kiddos to have lunch.

Daddy spent a couple weekends before the party pressure washing and refinishing our swing set which is a huge task (for a perfectionist).  I love writing Happy Birthday on the chalkboard every year to my babies.

We arranged to have a 10x10 bounce house delivered but apparently it was damaged, so the company showed up with this.  Thought we might have to put it up on the roof, but we made it work and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gavin loved the big Batman banners that were on each side and the big slide.

This birthday cake is so special to me and has been put in the yard for everyone of our kid's birthdays.  I can not wait to pass it down to them one day, so they can share the tradition with their children. 

We set up our soccer goal and roller coaster for the party guest to enjoy too.  Between the jump house, swing set, playhouse and pinata, everyone had plenty to do.

One last request from my little superhero loving birthday boy was party blowers and he got them!  It sure was a fun day, more pictures to come soon.  

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