Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gavin's MDO Easter Party

I love attending the celebrations at Gavin's MDO program.  Each one starts out with chapel, praise/worship and then it's party time.

The church is getting a new sanctuary, so there are fences with nets all around them on the playground.  The boys have figured out a way to make finger holes in the nets to watch the bulldozers and tractors work. Before the egg hunt we went outside and let the kids play in the leaves and watch the construction.  This just screams fall to me.

Someone spotted the Easter Bunny and he was super excited. After he spotted him he walked up to him and started looking at the back of the costume to figure out how the person got it on, this boy! 

Big hugs for the Easter Bunny then it was outside to hunt the eggs.  The kids were so cute running and counting eggs, they were each allowed to find 12.

I was unable to get many pictures because I was helping with the party and chasing this little man around picking up eggs as they fell out of his basket.

Operation Easter Egg hunt at PreK 3 was complete and he was ready to open every single egg up and look inside.

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