Saturday, July 20, 2013

Children's Musuem

Yesterday we visited the Children's Museum with our cousins before they head back to Colorado for a while.
Peyton and Emma are the best of buds and had a blast painting their faces into pink cats.

The sight of these 4 cousins piled in this car made me a little nervous of what is yet to come (ha ha).  I can not even imagine when they are all old enough to be running the roads together, they will keep me on my knees praying!

Gavin was in his element all day long and had the best time.  If the museum offered Kindergarten this boy would be enrolled next year, no matter the cost.  All of the hands on activities are right up his little creative alley. 

The museum was pure chaos with so many day cares and field trips, so I was unable to get many pictures but we sure did have a great day.   All the kids were sad to say goodbye, but praying we will all be back together soon.  

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