Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th + Cousins = Fun

Yesterday we spent the 4th with our family and had a fun filled day.  This happens to be one of my favorite get togethers because it is the only time of year when almost all the family is together (only missing Uncle Larry, Aunt Holly and cousin Wyman yesterday). There were about 60 of us together celebrating and it was a blast.

I love to see how much braver the kiddos get in the water year after year and yesterday did not disappoint.  It was somewhat difficult to keep up with all of them swimming, jumping and sliding.  Emma loves the slide, along with all the rest of them.

Gavin supplied the bubble fun for a while until his bubble gun got dropped in the pool. I loved hearing sweet Maddox saying "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles".

Emma and Hudson got super brave this year and were jumping from the rock bridge, these two were not afraid at all (hard part was climbing up there because there were no steps).  The bridge is about 12 feet over the water and provided hours of fun for all the kids.

Sweet Maddox gets the prize for being the youngest one to go down the slide.  Ummm, you look just like your Daddy boy!

No gathering would be complete on the 4th without some good ole smores, yummy!

Sweet Peyton was so excited about doing smores.   She kept telling me, "Princess Laura, I remember when you brought smores last year, I can not wait to do smores, I love smores."  Yes, she calls me Princess Laura and I love it.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. 

We also celebrated Mr. Preston's 1st Birthday which is a few weeks away since they will be in Colorado. Happy Birthday Preston Sterling Carnes, you are such a wonderful little blessing to our family.

Our attempt at getting a picture of all 15 of the Carnes cousins, there were a few that got away (ha ha, can you blame them?). I sure wish I could have gotten more pictures, but it was a day spent chasing and watching lots of kiddos. 
We spent our day eating BBQ, singing Happy Birthday, swimming, laughing, playing, shooting water guns, watching fireworks, doing sparklers, roasting smores, listening to music, saying the pledge, jumping, sliding and catching up. We are headed back to the Carnes tomorrow for another BIG family day spent poolside.  It is truly a blessing that our kids get to do life with so many cousins and the promise of fun family get togethers.  Feeling extremely thankful, blessed and tired today.


Hudson & Maddox said...

Glad you found time to update! It was a blast and we are DEFINITELY looking forward to more family fun tomorrow!

Sandi said...

Fun fun fun!! Love that pool!!