Friday, July 12, 2013

Frio to the Hill Country

We spent the first part of the week in Garner, traded our river shoes in and headed for the JW Marriott for a little more fun in the sun. 
View from the balcony, by far this has been my favorite resort in Texas and we will definitely be going back for some rest and relaxation someday soon.   
I had been looking forward to arriving at the JW Marriott to finally meet my sweet friend Kim Watson and her precious family.  Kim and I met through our blogs and Matilda Jane a couple years ago and instantly connected because of our love for our kids, LV and life.  We had plans to meet this summer and it worked out for us to finally connect in the Hill Country. She is as wonderful as I thought she would be from all of our texting/emails/conversations and her family is as cute as can be.
We enjoyed spending the afternoon with the Watson family and the kids had fun building a pyramid with the Honky Tonk Kid, Aaron Watson.  If you look closely you will see that all the cups stacked are filled with water, it took them a while to finally accomplish this.   The two little boys by Emma joined us in the pool and the other two are the Watson boys. Not real sure where Princess Jolee Kate was when we took this picture, probably floating around talking to everyone (she is a social butterfly). Jack Jack and Gavin immediately hit it off in the pool and went to wrestling, Kim called this years ago about those two.

After we got out of the pool one evening we made smores and they were yummy we ate lots of smores on this trip.

We got to enjoy room service one morning and the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. They  said it was a "royal feast rolled in on a royal table", again they have seen too many fairy tales. 

The kids enjoyed all of the water slides and went down by themselves, in groups of twos, threes and with me.  They also enjoyed the lazy river along with Tedra.

The days were so hot, we kept cool with frozen drinks by the pool and lots of SPF 70.

This little boy played his heart out and had a ball.  He loves the water and is close to being a swimmer,  no doubt he will join his sister on swim team next year. 
These three had a blast together while Tedra and I had some great girl time laying out, talking, laughing, dreaming and supervising.   All in all our trip to the Frio and Hill Country was a blast, relaxing and gave us lots to laugh and talk about.  I love this time away with my two kids and Emma was thrilled to have a friend along on this Texas-cation.  We are already looking forward to being river rats again next year.

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