Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garner State Park Fun

We took our annual summer trip to the Frio River this year and it did not disappoint.  The kids love Garner as much as they love any other vacation.   Daddy does not get to go with us because we take our family vacation in June and he can not take two vacations back to back, maybe one year we will just let this be our vacation because the kids really want Daddy to go.
Emma had been looking forward to Garner for months because she got to bring her friend Lauren along this year for some river fun.   Garner just seems to be alot more fun when you are surrounded by friends.  I brought one of my best friends with me and met one of my other besties there, can't beat that!  That cute little boxer is sweet Mona and the kids loved walking the dogs all over the camp grounds, those poor dogs were worn smooth out and I am certain they were happy to see us go.

Garner life is like no other life and something that both my children fully embrace, God's country.  Sweet Emma found a puddle of tadpoles on our hike down to the river one day and enjoyed playing with them. I think she was a little intrigued by how this guy would become a frog in 24 more days.

I love this little boy, but I also fell in love with this log that was floating down the river.  The kids had hours worth of fun playing with it too.

Floating and playing in the river all day long keeps a smile on this boys face.  Big fun to swim a little, float a little, ride a raft a little then get out and fish a little.

My sweet, wonderful amazing friend Darla who is the ring leader of the DiStefano family and planner of our Garner getaway every year.   When I got home I realized I did not take many pictures at all, so maybe she will share hers with me (at Momma Choles).
This would be sweet little Vincent on his first river trip at 10 weeks old and he was a TROOPER.  His Momma was my student as a 6th grader and my favorite student ever, thank God our paths crossed and we are now part of the DiStefano family.

Lauren did a great job embracing Garner for it to be her first time.  Between her and Emma, Gavin had three Momma's on this trip.  They were so excited when Gavin pulled this fish in that they caught all by themselves.  I heard Gavin scream, "yeah baby" and I turned around to look and they came running with this cute little perch. 

Lauren was sure brave to stand by Gavin while he was cane pole fishing, it was a sight to see.   You would have thought the boy was fly fishing the way he cocked that cane pole out and swung it forward into the water.   It was a bit scary and he was destined to hook someone, himself in fact.

Him in action to prove his fly fishing action and he was not slowing down a bit.  He would let his cork bob up and down about 2 times and then he was slinging it again, quite surprised a fish ever had time to get on that hook but he caught a few.  We might have to take a summer trip to Steamboat soon, so this boy can do some fly fishing in the river.

No trip to Garner is complete without a trip to the pavilion for the dance and a little bit of two stepping.  August danced with the girls and had a smile on his face the entire time.

Oh the Garner dance was something that Emma and Lauren seriously lost their minds about and acted like giddy teenagers.  It was cute for about the first 30 minutes then they were out of control laughing, making up songs, reapplying lip gloss and talking about kissing Leighton and August (Darla's college boys).  Seriously, they were screaming, laughing and whispering like they were 15.  I was in shock and kept asking how they even knew to act like that.  These two girls had the biggest crushes on the big boys and they were very open about it!

All day long they kept talking about going to the "ball" that night and acted out the dance floor scene with Gavin, where he would bow down to one knee, extend his arm and say, "may I have this dance?"  Clearly these kiddos have watched far too many fairy tales.  They were not disappointed when we arrived to the pavilion and they were dancing under a huge tree on a concrete dance floor opposed to a crystal ball (ha).  Poor Gavin passed out before we arrived, so Tedra held him the entire time.
I think it is pretty safe to say they love each other, love to two step, love Garner and love Leighton and August.
The big boys were really so sweet to them and treated them like little ladies on the dance floor.  They both danced with Daniel too, but I caught them talking about him being too skinny.   Those girls cracked us up all night, we were laughing till we were cried.

Cabin sweet cabin.  We loved where we stayed and will go back there for sure next year.  The owners were wonderful and the cabin was so super clean and cozy.   We had lots of belly laughs inside this little place.
We ended up pushing a full size and twin bed together for me and all 3 of the kiddos to sleep on.  The two window units running on high made for a good nights sleep for all of us.  Tedra was scared to death she was going to be carried away by scorpions, hilarious.  I came home wanting a window unit but our HOA won't allow it, darn!
What else does a librarian do on the river all day?  Soak up the sun and READ, love this girl more than life and our time together is precious.
Excuse the roughness from being outside on the river for 48 hours with no shower, but I loved this picture of me, my boy, the log and Garner.  We love, love, love Garner!  
Peace, Love & Dance ~ Garner State Park!  Oh and super silly girls too.

Poor Gavin was passed out when we went to take the traditional Garner picture, so here are my "Garner Girls".  

We had a wonderful time in Garner and spent our days in the Frio, roasting smores, eating PawPaw David's fried chicken, visiting the dance, going to Josh's, shopping at the Dry Fifty, eating at Momma Chole's, sitting around talking, listening to old country music on the jambox, walking the dogs and just enjoying each other.

My kids are already talking about next years trip to Garner and all the fun they are going to have.  So blessed and thankful that the DiStefano's include us in their 20+ year tradition in the Hill Country.

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