Monday, February 10, 2014

100th Day of School

100 days down and 87 more to go until SUMMER!  Daddy and Emma decided to work on the 100 day project together.  Curtis went to Wal Mart and found Emma a shirt and decided to buy a Bedazzling box kit for $10.00.  About 2 hours into the project he was wishing he had just bought some paint. 
He sat at the kitchen table for 4 hours trying to make this shirt for his baby girl and eventually stopped using the machine and started installing the brackets and jewels by hand (he declared that the machine was JUNK).  Talk about hysterical, it was some kind of funny and Emma was cheering him on.  Need I say, he will NEVER agree to a project such as this again.
Emma was so proud to pick out her outfit of the day (it is crazy some mornings ya'll) and sport her 100 day shirt that her Daddy made for her with love.  Best part was when she got home that afternoon and about 40 jewels had fallen off and she threw the shirt in the trash.  Thank God for an amazing Daddy that is always willing to step up to the plate and for the 100th day of school that promises us that SUMMER is on its way.

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