Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gavin's Lego Birthday Party

Hard to believe that our baby boy is almost FIVE years old.  This year he opted for a simple little family birthday at home and a long weekend getaway to Legoland. 
If you know me, you know I love parties so sometimes it is hard for me to accommodate the themes and ideas my kids have. I realized long ago it is about them, not me and I have allowed them to choose the plan since their 2nd birthdays. 
It was no surprise this year when Gavin said he wanted a "Lego Party", the boy is obsessed with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g LEGO!  His favorite are the Star Wars Legos and he has established quite a collection so far and knows every character by name.

We asked Gavin who and what he wanted at his party and he did not hesitate to name the guest and the menu.  I love our cake place because it is YUMMY and they have great handwriting (ha ha).   This little Lego cake put a smile on my Lego-loving boys face.
No party is complete without cupcakes, right?  He was not happy that we used his real Lego's as toppers.

"I want Lego cookies too Mommy."  I do not blame you Son and I will make that happen for you, sweet boy.  Did I mention that we have an awesome cookie lady too?

While it is super hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that this boy will be FIVE in a couple weeks, he has fully embraced it.

It was so fun to watch him open all his Star War Lego sets. Gavin is a little embarrassing when it comes to opening gifts.  If he loves it he will scream, jump and run circles around the room and make you feel like you have given him the most amazing gift ever.  If he does not like it, he is going to tell you and has no filter whatsoever.   He likes to say things like, "I did NOT ask for this. What is this? I do not want this!"  Talk about crawl under a chair, I want to every single time it happens. I have talked to him over and over again but it happens every time.
Studying all the mini figurines in the set, he loves them all. Look at that sweet face, he makes me happy, happy, happy.
My favorite pictures of my kids at every party are them blowing out their candles, LOVE!  It was a sweet celebration with Gavin and our immediate family.  Looking forward to celebrating the big FIVE with him this weekend. 

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