Sunday, February 23, 2014

Emma's First Dance Convention

A couple weeks back we attended Emma's first Dance convention for the weekend and it was a blast.  These girls were beyond excited to get inside and work their little "bee hives" off in intense dance class all day long. They attended a ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and tap session.  They gave them 3 minutes in between each class to take a water break and change their shoes.
I was a little concerned about their endurance level for the day, but they were all TROOPERS.  We had about about 65 girls from our competition team attend and 15 were in Emma's age group (the little ones only attended 1 day of workshops).

This is the only picture I got inside one of the classes, I was quickly reminded NO CAMERAS allowed (oops)!
The girls at the end of day back at the hotel room getting their goodies from one another.  We had the best roommates of all.  

These three have become connected at the hips. Emma loves Rheagan and Addi, I happen to love their Mommy's too.  Talk about fun, we had a blast and are still belly laughing about the weekend when we see one another.

We went to dinner with 5 other families that evening and then headed back to the hotel for the girls company party put on by our Dance Studio in one of the ballrooms. While these girlie's were partying it up, us Mommas got to have some fun too.

At the end of the night we invited Reese to come and stay the night with us too.  We had two adjoining rooms, so our motto was...the more the merrier.  These girls jumped on the beds, ate candy, giggled like crazy, watched a movie, ding dong ditched other girls rooms, ran up and down the hallway and screamed like crazy. We put 4 of them in a queen size bed side ways and it worked out perfectly.  Hmmm, never thought we would get a noise complaint with a room full of 6 year olds but WE DID! 

These three...this picture says it all, personality galore!  So thankful that Emma gets to dance with such amazing little girls.  I have learned to keep an extra booster seat in my car because one of these kids is always making their way home with us or Emma is heading home with them.
Dance convention was a huge success and we are quickly approaching contest season.  Emma is on the "Minis" team and they have come so far and worked so extremely hard.  Looking forward to the remainder of this dance season and recital in June. 

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