Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little League Tryouts

The littlest Frazier had Little League tryouts today and we were so incredibly PROUD of this kiddo.  He walked out on that field as a four (almost 5 year old) and he delivered.  It was so fun to cheer him on and his big sister was so encouraging too. 
We have been in the great debate around here as to what this boy was going to get involved in and to be honest, we have tried it ALL.  So when it came time to register for baseball we gave Gavin the option of swim team or baseball and he quickly chose baseball.  I signed him up and we started buying all the gear, then he started saying he did not want to play baseball (Baskin Robbins might have been involved in the conversation too) . Due to the weather tryouts continued to be pushed back, but today was finally the day.   After church we changed this little stinker in the car and started talking it up. 

We showed up to the big boy field in search of Field #13 that was waiting for all the 6U boys (6 and under).  We walked out on the field and had no idea what to expect, so we stood in the long line and waited our turn. We were about 30th in line and it took about an hour and a half for us to have our turn.  While we waited Daddy threw the ball to Gavin and he rolled around on the field as if he were playing a mixture of football and baseball, the crowd found him quite entertaining.

The closer we got up in the line, we could see what was going on and these coaches were serious.  There were about 8 coaches sitting between 2nd and 3rd base with notepads.  There was another coach on the mound pitching and each kid got 3 chances to bat and on the 3rd one they ran to first base.  Afterwards they moved to short stop and fielded 3 balls throwing them back, good stuff.

When it was Gavin's turn, the coach at the plate shouted, "Gavin Frazier, #33, birthday is correct, 4 years old and will be playing as a 5 year old this season."  Gavin jumped up to the plate and I will admit I was a bit nervous because we had only practiced with at tee.  Up until a week ago I really thought we were playing tee ball and had no idea it was coaches pitch.   Goodbye YMCA and hello Little League, we got this.

When Gavin got up to the plate he looked at the coach that was pitching and pointed his two fingers up to his eyes and then pointed those same two fingers towards the coach (you know, the I'm watching you sign) and the Coach said, "I'm watching you too buddy" while the coaches outfield all laughed hysterically.  This kid is something else I tell ya, figure that gesture right there might make him go pretty quick in the draft (ha ha).

This boy worked hard, was so proud, did not let the balls get by him and his throws were pretty darn good.  We need to work on making contact with the ball since the "tee" is out of the question (silly Momma!).

Today was a super proud Mommy moment for me and I can not wait to cheer for this little boy and his team this season.   

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