Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gavin's Party Favors

Gavin's Circus/Carnival party was complete with several different party favors for our guest to take home and remember the party "under the big top".

This little brown paper bag was filled with custom labeled cotton candy, gummy popcorn, animal crackers, cracker jacks and soap in a bag tied up with colorful ribbon. I had my photographer make a tag for each bag that said "Thank you for coming to my party ~ love Gavin Thomas"

The soap was probably my favorite. No carnival is complete without a goldfish, right? We decided to send our guest home with 3 goldfish in some soap that would leave them smelling yummy. Gavin's grandma by choice, Darla made these for him and they turned out so cute.

This little box was filled with lots of goodies too.

A circus picture frame the kiddos could make when they got home, tattoos, a sticker sheet and a clown nose.
Candy, candy and more candy. We had a candy bar set up for all the kids to fill a red/white stripe bag up with all the sweet treats they desired. This seemed to be their favorite thing to do and the adults too. They were given this plastic popcorn container to catch candy from the pinata in and to use at the candy bar.
It is always my goal for our guest to leave with a big smile on their face. I can guarantee you there were alot of happy kiddos that day and alot of parents saying, "that's enough, now come on!"

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