Sunday, March 21, 2010

YUmmy, yuMMy, YuMmY!

Guess who fed himself with a SPOON for the first time tonight? Your looking at his sweet little face covered in baked sweet potato, meat loaf and steamed squash & zucchini. He loved it all and did a great job making sure every bite made it to his mouth.

Way to go Little Man, you are such a big boy. We would clap and say, "Yay Gavin" and you would just smile the sweetest little smile.

What is this Mommy going to do with 2 independent little people?
He cleaned his plate and then helped his big sister out too. Something tells me that this little guy is going to catch up with Emma soon. Way to go with the spoon Gavin, we are proud of you.


Darla DiStefano said...

YAY little man!

Lianna Knight said...

Those eyes just melt my heart :)

And Little Miss Emma is looking SO grown up in your previous post!!

Melissa said...

What a big boy! I've to get my babies going on the spoon. I do not even give themplates yet because all they do is trhow them on the ground. Big boy Gavin!!!!