Monday, March 15, 2010

33 + 3 = 3 years old

33 months + 3 more months = a 3 year old living in our home...
Seriously, how are you about to be 3 years old sweet girl? It seems like yesterday when we brought you home wondering if we would know how to properly take care of you. You quickly gave us a crash course on how to be parents. I must say, you have been the best teacher we know and have ever had Emma Caroline. You have taught us more in your 33 months of life than anyone has ever taught us. Most of all you have taught us what it means to love greater than we ever imagined possible. Because of you we have experienced a love that is unexplainable and one that grows more and more every second of every day.

You are so cute, sweet, loyal, kind, loving, strong willed, opinionated, charming, witty, smart, funny, happy, energetic, smiley, talkative, brave, caring, compassionate & independent.

You are a lover of many things...animals, your baby brother, MDO, Mrs. Jenny, Mom & Dad, your babies, critters, Noddy, make up, nail polish, firefighters, jewelry, Jesus, music, Beamer, your cousins, playing make believe, the Bulldog school and so much more.

You have chosen to celebrate your 3rd Birthday by having a Firefighter party. You ask us daily if you can be a Fireman when you grow up. As long as that makes you happy baby girl, you go for it!

We love you so much and look forward to spending all the days of our lives being your biggest fans. You have already made a difference to us and we can hardly wait to see the difference you make in the world.


Darla DiStefano said...

I love you too baby girl!

Rebekah said...

I don't think she could be any cuter! Such a sweet post!

Melissa said...

She is just precious! I did not notice last weekend how long her hair has gotten!!! She is just such a joy and I love telling stories about her to all of my girlfriends. What a blessing she is to you guys!!! Cannot wait for the Firefighter B-Day party! So fun!!!