Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tractor Time

Just happened to be one of Emma's favorite times at the Livestock show this year. She climbed up in these two tractors as if she had been working the fields for years.

This tractor was little compared to the others that were surrounding it.

The tires on this big tractor were huge. We took this picture for our little friend Callen, who really lives on a farm. Hoping we will get to see it one day, along with that sweet little sister of yours too.
We barely got her out once she got in, but there were lots of little BOYS patiently waiting for their turn.

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Adventures on the Farm said...

Oh my bring that sweet ADORABLE girl to the farm-- she would be in tractor heaven! I will even schedule a special visit to Shoppa's (who supplies the tractors at the rodeo) for her!! Love that she loves animals and tractors-- Callen's kind of girl!!